Monday, June 24, 2013

Think Big Dream High,E61- Be an Intelligent Person


1. An intelligent person is someone with a high mental capacity, with good level of understanding, good memory and able to grasp the issues in an instance, quick to analyse the underlying meaning of a particular conversation or news, rational, a good communicator and smart in making judgement and decision. 

2. A person who think big and dream high should be capable of handling any issues and problems that surfaced. The person should be able to defend his ideas with confidence backed by well researched information. The person should also be able to respond to any critics and comments with maturity and effectiveness.

Reality in Life     

1. It has become part and parcel of the culture in Malaysia, that we like to talk but lacking in action. In public gatherings, at coffee shops, at the mosques, offices, shopping malls, in the media or through the blogs, we talk non stop, giving opinions, suggestions sometimes even leading to arguments. The conversations maybe centered around politics, family matters, artists, sports, current affairs or topics of interests and once in a while on business matters.

2. As a member of the community, we like to talk since the leaders are all the time providing us insights on a variety of issues especially those relating to politics. The government and the opposition leaders are all the time teaching us to talk and deliberating on topics of interest. Most of the time, the TV and newspaper media, blogs tend to sensationalize on any hot and juicy issues to invite comments from the public. As a loyal follower, we joined in to give opinions and debate on the issues, irregardless of the actual facts.

3. Most of the issues have no intellectual elements in it, facts or truth of the matter. What is being offered is a sweetener, good to hear facts, encouraging applause from the audience and sending signals to the brain to join in the joy and laughter and making loud noises.

4. No party or person is verifying or checking all that we present. In the developed countries, the leaders cannot deliver vague statements. There will be parties researching and providing information in a transparent, intellectual and accurate manner either in support or dissenting the facts. Hence, the public cannot be deceived easily when  the leaders sensationalized hot, sensitive and interesting issues. As an example, if the presidential candidate discussed issues on family, there will be parties producing information that the candidate has an illegitimate grandchild. This is being exposed to the people. If the people are still supporting him, it goes to prove that having a child out of wedlock is acceptable and a norm. This is quite impossible as the world community still has respect for religious values and legal marriages.       


1.A professional who think big and dream high should never practiced the way of life and culture that does not accentuate having well researched information, rational and intellectual that usually cropped up in the society as reflected above. We believe in presenting the right facts, high intelligence, having integrity, less talking but love acquiring knowledge and reactive. The following exercises could help in disciplining us to continue  intensifying our thoughts, capability and intellectual capacity.

2. Strengthened our memory. Memory training can be easily done through daily activities such as reading, writing, making references and recalling things that we read and write. Memorising the Al-Quranic verses is an effective and beneficial training for the Muslims. We can start by memorizing the short verses from juzuk amal say 5-20 ayat in a day.    We can easily memorized the ayat Al-Quran we chose by reciting it about 30-60 times. Repeat this memorizing steps continuously for about 5-7 days until successful. Once we achieved our objective move on to the next ayat and  so on and so forth. The time taken will not be more than 30 minutes daily. The best time to carry out the memorizing exercise is after the solat  tahajud and solat witir at around 5 am daily.  At this time the brain is alert and fresh. 

3.Strengthened our observation. We can strengthened our observation skills by playing games such as carom, archery, walking on a tight rope, golf game, tennis etc. These are some of the  games that require our fullest attention in order to succeed. Driving a motorcycle or a car on the highway at a speed of 110 km per hour is also a form of exercise to strengthen our observation skills.

4. Elevate our level of understanding. The best exercise which might be against the road traffic law is driving as efficiently as possible  during heavy traffic by overtaking the left and right lane and cutting que to find the fastest way to reach our destination. Try to visualise or anticipate things that might happen in the future. Train yourselves to make quick and fast decisions on issues that surfaced. Have a clear goal and direction on things that you want to do and achieve.

5. Elevate the flexibility of our way of thinking. Accept the challenge to carry out multi-tasking as fast as possible. Start thinking out of the box or lateral thinking. Avoid saying “it cannot be done” but put it in another way, “this can be done using this method…”. Train yourselves not to make mistakes. These are some examples of flexible thinking training.

6. Elevate our capability in making decisions. Have a few choices and options before making any decision. Making quick and accurate mathematical calculation before making any decision. Do a quick analysis of the risk involved. Try to simplify the solutions for problems faced. Avoid getting involved in complicated, twisted and complex debate. Make the best all round decision for our stakeholders. Decisions that are fair and justifiable.

7.Elevate the research capability and learn from history. Make improvements and have an integrity management. The Caliph, Saidina Umar Abdul Aziz once said, “If the leader or ruler is rich, then the population will be poor but if the leader is poor the population will be rich”. He died as a poor Caliph but in the 2 years of his reign, none of his subjects were poor and eligible to receive zakat.

8. A leader or a professional who think big dream high should look back and ponder on the history of Caliph, Saidina Umar abdul Aziz. Do it with remorse and use it as a guide in carrying out your  duties as a leader or a professional with utmost honesty.

9. The rakyat is getting more intelligent and informative. The leader should also move with times in line with the changes experienced by the rakyat. Wealth on a moderate scale obtained in a transparent way can be accepted but not otherwise. In any issues, programmes or projects priority should be given to the stakeholders or the rakyat. These are the characteristics of a professional or an intelligent leader that think big dream high. Rakyat is always the priority in reality and not just a lip service slogan.          

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